The purpose of repair and rework is: value saving.
After repair or rework, the part will be a full value device. 

That’s why it doesn’t matter in whose hands we give our values. Microsolder Kft.’s partner in the field is Retronix, a professional rework center in Great Britain.

Main services

Activities, servicesActivities/ServicesPart types, alloys
Re-tinning of component terminals (legs), conversion of its coatingRe-Tinning , Alloy conversion (lead alloy <-> lead free alloy)TSOP, SOIC, DIP, QFP, PLCC etc .
BGA reballing
BGA reballing
Pb, SAC305, HMP,
Ceramic BGA, Ceramic CGA
BGA reworkBGA rework (Remove & Replace Plastics)</td > 
Component repair (Bent Leads Straightening, Coplanarity check, Tape and Reel)Component repair (Bent Leads /Legs Straightening, Coplanarity check, Tape and Reel)TSOP, SOIC, DIP, QFP, PLCC etc .
Part TestingComponent tests – Anti-Counterfeit IC Tests (XRF, X-Ray, Electrical, Visual, Solderability, Decap, Programming, KFT, De-Bug)TSOP, SOIC, DIP, QFP, PLCC etc .
PCB repair (Bench and Conductor strip repair, re-gilt)PCB services (Pad and Track Repair, gold finish) 

Business philosophy 

All Retronix services are driven by cost savings and environmental protection by recycling electronic waste and reducing the amount of waste.


Retronix’s quality-oriented, highly qualified repair crew solves tasks in excellently equipped workplaces, using the most modern optical and X-ray inspection equipment and functional and in-circuit test equipment, whether it is a through-hole or surface-mount circuit board. Even the most demanding tasks can be performed safely with the most modern, software-controlled rework tools and equipment. The procedures follows the IPC and JEDEC work standards used and recognized in the industry. Naturally, the workshop is completely ESD-protected and certified according to ISO 9001:2000. Such conditions, environment, repair expertise and capacity are rarely available in production plants.

Parts Refurbishment

Laser BGA/microBGA reballing

The BGA/microBGA reballing plant, built up with an investment of about half a million dollars and working with unique technology, allows the operation to be carried out without jeopardizing the integrity and the  functionality of the component, as the component body, including the silicon chip inside, is not exposed to heat. A concentrated, very short laser pulse is used to attach the solder ball. The operation is carried out in a clean room under nitrogen atmosphere. The size of the balls is between 100-760 microns, the material can be lead or lead-free or high-melting solder alloy according to the regulations.

Restoration of the terminals (leads) of components

Automatic equipment is available to restore deformed QFP leads to within the tolerance range specified by the manufacturer, all characteristics, such as flatness, lead pitch, bending angle, etc. It is also possible to tighten the tolerance range, if the technology used or a regulation requires it. It is possible to sort the delivered components parts by manufacturer, production code, article number, etc. according to

Replacement the surface finish of component terminals

If the surface finish of the terminals of the component is not suitable (e.g. it contains lead but should be lead-free, or vice versa – as there are applications where lead-free is not acceptable), Retronix removes the old coating with a safe chemical treatment and applies a new one instead.

Refurbished part packaging into trays and reels

After inspection, the reworked parts are placed in the correct orientation (position of the 1st terminal) again in a reels and (JEDEC) trays, ready for use on an automatic Pick and Place equipment. Moisture sensitive parts are packed in vacuum-sealed moisture barrier packaging with a moisture absorber and humidity indicator. When required, the packaging is labelled with barcode.

Inspection of components, counterfeit parts

The presence of counterfeit parts in trade is becoming a increasing problem worldwide. These components do not contain the circuit indicated on the packaging, thus misleading the customer. This phenomenon is especially typical in the case of purchases from brokers on the secondary market. To avoid this problem, i.e. to prevent damage resulting from the purchase of the wrong part, Retronix helps customers with a series of inspection and testing solutions: XRF(X-Ray Fluorescence), X-Ray, Electrical, Visual, Solderability, Decap, Programming, KFT (Key Function Test), De-Bug. The above tests are performed before the purchase and payment are made. Both the seller and the buyer are informed of the results in writing, so the customer can make his final decision based on the facts.

Repair and rework

Retronix can rework and repair of damaged circuit boards, such as replaced pads, conductor strips, faulty hole metallization, protective layers, damaged or solder-contaminated gold-plated wind contacts. A troubleshooting and repair service is available for mobile phones, computer motherboards and satellite receivers. It is possible to “hire” entire repair departments, or workers, or managers who perform their work at the customer’s premises, anywhere in the world. They also undertake the training and education of such workforce.

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