Conformal coatings

The Cramolin product range offers one-component shape-following varnishes available in air-drying propellant spray bottles and cans. Acrylic and urethane synthetic resin coatings can be soldered through. The coatings are transparent. If required, urethane is also available in red, which forms a covering coating.

Product name (német/angol)
Varnish type
200ml400ml1 l5 l20 l
spraybottle can
Plastik/PlasticAcrylicáltalános xxxx
Plastic High ViscosityAcrylicáltalános   xx
Plastic SolventThinnerThinner  x  
Urethan/UrethaneUrethanenagyobb igénybevétel xxx 
Urethane SolventThinnerThinner  x  
IsotempSiliconehőállóx x  
Isotemp SolventThinnerThinner  x  

Among Henkel’s conformal coatings, you can find the latest developed materials. In addition to the excellent protection ability, environmental protection and fast curing are important characteristics of these materials. Materials containing 100% solids significantly reduce the emitted volatile organic compounds, which was significant for materials containing diluent. The thinner’s vapor is flammable, increases the greenhouse effect, and contributes to the formation of the ozone layer near the ground. Combined curing materials cure quickly under the influence of UV light, and secondary curing (steam or heat treatment) ensures complete curing of the material in shaded areas. A product range of acrylic, urethane, silicone and hybrid materials ensures that the most suitable material can be selected.

Henkel alakkövető lakkok között megtalálhatóak a legújabb fejlesztésű anyagok.

Potting materials

If the conformal coating is not sufficient to protect the panel, we can serve our customers with a coating material from the Henkel’s portfolio that meets the requirements (operating temperature range, amount of potting material per panel, thermal conductivity, transparency if applicable). Loctite Stycast, Hysol, Macroplast materials include polyurethane, epoxy, silicone and modified silane copolymer (MS) based casting materials.

Amennyiben a panel védelmére nem elégséges az alkkövető lakk, akkor a követelményeknek (működési hőmérséklettartomány, panelenkénti kiöntőanyag mennyiség, hővezetőképesség, adott esetben átlátszóság) megfelelő kiöntanyaggal tudjuk kiszolgálni a vevőinket a Henkel portfólióból

Low pressure injection molding materials

Low-pressure injection molding is one of the new technologies for panel protection. At a low cost level, it lends a professional appearance to the products, even in the case of smaller quantities. Compared to traditional injection molding, the hotmelt material is pressed into the mold containing the panel at a lower temperature and pressure. The injection molding tool is made of aluminum, at a significantly lower price than standard injection molding tools. The technology is characterized by a cycle time of 15-45 seconds. Henkel Technomelt (formerly Macromelt) materials include transparent and black versions. Depending on the base material, you can choose between polyolefin and polyamide materials. The products also include UL certified materials.

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