A common problem with manual soldering is that the soldering points do not have a uniform appearance, the hole filling is not the same, too much and often scattered flux residues are visible, and mainly the customer insists on a repeatable process, documented, traceable production. This is the case for the vast majority of automotive customers, but the quality expectations are also very high in medical electronics and professional telecommunications, not to mention aviation and aerospace equipment.
Gyakori probléma a kézi forrasztással, hogy a forrasztási pontok nem egységes megjelenésűek, nem azonos a furatkitöltés, túl sok, és gyakran szétfröccsent

The Ersa SOLDER SMART SR500 desktop soldering robot supports the realization of the above goals without compromise. Installation and operation of the equipment is simple. Apart from an ordinary 230 V connection, nothing else is needed. Not even compressed air. The soldering head can work with levers of different power, moves in the x-y-z direction and can be rotated almost completely. The placement pressure of the lever can be adjusted, and the linear motorized movement ensures flexible descent. Solder wire feed is suitable for handling different diameters. Soldering fumes are transferred from the exhaust pipe near the soldering point to the external exhaust system, which can be freely selected. 

The computer running the Windows operating system integrated in the equipment stores or even transmits the soldering parameters to a server, such as preheating time, soldering temperature, soldering wire dosage, etc. All features inherent in the operating system can be used, such as networking, remote access, database management, backup, and others. The process parameters can be managed in a well-known program environment such as Office.

Thanks to its cost-effectiveness, the investment pays off quickly, even for small and medium series. The process parameters of the soldering points can even be changed from point to point, the soldering programs can be stored and called up, ensuring extreme flexibility and little downtime for production.

The equipment can also be ordered with a stand, cover, and workpiece changing drawer (pair soldering and removal/insertion). Can be supplemented with a camera and barcode scanner.

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