Conveyor track (conveyor) systems for circuit boards 

Elements of SMT production lines, e.g. circuit board feeder, transmitter, collecting elements, telescopic passage unit, circuit board storage compartment (magazine). Creation of production lines and assembly lines for frameless wave and selective soldering processes.

Szállítópálya (konvejor) rendszerek áramköri lapokhoz

Conveyor systems for soldering frames 

Tracks suitable for moving soldering frames and creating a production line, including lifting and lowering elevators, return sections, workplaces, workstations, frame storage units for wave and selective soldering equipment designed for manual installation of components in soldering frames, as well as for inspection and repair (touch up)

Laser marking equipment

Application of markings, emblems, graphics, 1D barcode (barcode), 2D data matrix markings, identifiers on circuit boards with in-line or stand-alone laser marking equipment.

Labeling equipment

In-line labeling equipment includes a Zebra printer with a resolution of 600 dpi and a 4-axis label placement and gluing unit. The legibility of the labels is checked by a built-in reading head.

Panel cutting equipment (router)

Precision, high-speed milling equipment for separating circuit boards arranged in a collection panel after assembly and soldering.

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