Manual soldering tools, soldering irons, soldering stations, and desoldering tools are still widely used today for jobs that cannot be economically mechanized, as well as for development, repair, and rework tasks, even in addition to fully automated production lines. The catalog of Ersa manual soldering tools can be downloaded. 

Soldering irons

Unregulated soldering irons are available for hobby purposes, for modeling, for simple soldering tasks, or for soldering tasks that require the heating of a particularly large mass. The power range extends from 5W to 550W. 

Hobbi célokra, modellezéshez, egyszerű forrasztási feladatokra, esetleg kiemelketően nagy tömeg felmelegítését igénylő forrasztási feladatokra szabályozás nélküli forrasztópákák kaphatók. A teljesítmény skála 5W-tól 550W-ig húzódik.

Paks for on-site installation

For service technicians, service engineers, automotive electrical specialists, antenna fitters, security and asset protection system fitters, the gyos heated and temperature-controlled soldering iron is an excellent tool for on-site assembly and soldering, as well as the adjustable gas soldering iron, which is also independent of the electrical network. Many amateurs also like it. 

forrasztáshoz kiváló eszköz a gyos felfűtésű illetve a hőmérsékletszabályozós páka, valamint az elektromos hálózattól is független, szabályozható gázpáka

Soldering stations

The wide selection, variability, precise control system and excellent quality of ERSA soldering stations make them attractive even to the most demanding customers. ERSA is the optimal solution due to its durable, relatively cheap and replaceable lever tips independent of the heating inserts – in other words, the low operating costs. Microsolder Kft. provides all interested parties with the possibility of trial testing the ERSA soldering stations, if they wish. 

Very small footprint (145×80 mm), but powerful station, with 80W power, at a good price. It can be programmed with a micro-SD card. It can be recommended for amateurs, schools, and small businesses where ESD-safe design is not required. It is matched with long-life spike tips developed for the industrial i-CON1 station.


80W soldering station with a dock design similar to PICO, but with an ESD-safe design. It is advantageous for all industrial plants where there is little space on the work table. It can be operated continuously in up to 3 shifts. Its setting options enable versatile use, and its protection prevents unauthorized installation.


ERSA’s industrial soldering station, without compromise. Although its 150W iron is small and light (30g), it can cope with soldering points with high heat dissipation. More than 30 different, long-lasting chisel points can be selected (ERSADUR 102 series). Choosing the right soldering tip is half the battle for good soldering. Programmable in a simple, clear menu system, from heating speed to stand-by temperature to calibration, we have countless options for determining optimal operation, including, of course, password protection. The display shows the actual peak temperature in real time. Its control system has a very fast response, it restores the peak temperature of the soldering point falling due to the power of the soldering point in a fraction of a second.


It has the control technology of i-CON Vario, it is suitable for connecting 8 different soldering devices (including some previous models). For vacuum extraction levers, it is also necessary to connect a separate vacuum generating unit.


Two-channel version of the i-CON1 soldering station. Two soldering irons, or a soldering iron and desoldering tweezers, or a soldering iron and a vacuum desoldering iron can be connected to it. Rework is a popular tool for workplaces.


It has the control technology of i-CON Vario, it is suitable for connecting 8 different soldering devices (including some previous models). For vacuum extraction levers, it is also necessary to connect a separate vacuum generating unit.

ERSA i-CON2V Az i-CON Vario vezérlési technikájával rendelkezik, 8 különféle forrasztóeszköz csatlakoztatására alkalmas


Top models of the i-CON product family for controlling two or four soldering tools. A hot soldering iron (i-TOOL AIR S) and high-performance SMD desoldering tweezers (CHIP-TOOL VARIO) can be connected to both, as well as the traditional soldering and desoldering iron. Standard equipment includes the interface through which an ERSA smoke extractor or heating plate can be controlled. This function can only be ordered as an extra in the “C” versions of the i-CON1 and i-CON2 stations. i-CON VARIO stations offer an excellent solution for development, repair and rework workplaces.


NEW! A powerful soldering iron for hard-to-heat soldering points: i-TOOL HP
The i-CON Vario soldering stations can be used to control a device that is perhaps the most powerful among the soldering irons on the market designed for electronic applications. The i-TOOL HP power tool is 250 W. It is an excellent solution in places where, until now, soldering could only be done by preheating it or by heating it with 2 soldering irons at the same time.

ÚJ! Egy nagyteljesítményű páka nehezen felmelegíthető forrasztási pontokhoz: i-TOOL HP

What, how does it work? 
Ersa i-CON stations and soldering tools, peripherals

Ersa i-CON állomások és forrasztóeszközök, perifériák

* a separate vacuum unit is also required for i-Con stations (not for i-CON Vario stations) 

The soldering station is actually the predecessor of the i-CON series, but it still meets today’s needs. Three different soldering irons (80, 60 or 20W), or 2x20W SMD desoldering tweezers (Chip Tool) or a vacuum desoldering iron (X Tool) suitable for soldering through-hole components can be connected to it. The 832 and 842 series of pry bars are suitable for the most commonly used Power Tool pry bars. We recommend it primarily to factories where many of these soldering stations are already in operation from previous purchases, and the performance of the 80W soldering irons is sufficient.


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