Solder residue removers

The MCF 800 cleaning liquid is also suitable for cleaning soldered panels and wave soldering frames. Thanks to its composition, both resin and activator residues (e.g. metal salts, salt deposits – “white residue”) can be completely removed. This cleaning agent can also be found in the cleaning pen (cleaner pen), which can be used to precisely remove unwanted flux residues after panel repair.
If MCF800 cleaning agent is used in panel cleaning equipment, it can be rinsed with deionized water or isopropyl alcohol after the cleaning phase. The material is also suitable for ultrasonic cleaning equipment. The Cramolin Flux Off spray bottle cleaner is suitable for cleaning panels after repair. A brush nozzle is also available for this. Its favorable price and efficiency make it popular.

Stencil cleaners

The SC-01 stencil cleaner can be classified as one of the human-friendly materials available on the market. Optimal cleaning agent for removing solder paste contamination from stencils. It is also suitable for manual cleaning, ultrasonic stencil cleaning and automatic understencil cleaning equipment.
Loctite 7360 is a special product for removing uncured single-component SMD adhesives. During use, the glue does not harden in the stencil aperture or in the dispensing needle and the glue is completely removed.

Az SC-01 stencil tisztító a piacon kapható emberbarát anyagok közé sorolható. Optimális tisztítószer stencillemezek forraszpaszta szennyezésének eltávolítására.

Stencil wipes and other wipes

Our Edson stencil wipe rolls are made of high-quality, extremely moisture-absorbing, fiber-free, 50-68 g/m2 polyester-cellulose material. Stencil removal materials quickly and efficiently remove solder paste residues from stencil plates. The rolls can be ordered in a width suitable for different stencil printer types (DEK, MPM, Ekra, etc.) and with a roll core design. Their excellent quality is combined with a favorable price.
Available approx. 200×200 mm manual stencil wipes, pre-moistened with a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and deionized water, can be pulled out of a plastic storage container, one after the other.

Edson stenciltörlő tekercseink magas minőségű, rendkívüli nedvesség-felszívó képességű, szálmentes, 50-68 g/m2 poliészter-cellulóz anyagból készülnek

Wiper sticks

Wiper sticks of various shapes and sizes can be ordered from Edson’s selection, which can be used for optical and fine mechanical purposes, cleaning and lubrication, equipped with fiber-free wiper heads fixed with non-dissolving bonding.

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