Durable industrial labels

Printing techniques

– Laser printing: The most commonly used technique, suitable for nameplates, information labels, factory markings, but also for indicating inventory numbers or barcodes/matrix codes. It gives a professional look even in small series.
– Thermal printing (Thermal Transfer): suitable for large series of labeling tasks, for any marking purpose
– Matrix printing: for dot matrix printers, for industrial marking tasks
– Inkjet printing: Can only be used for labels made of paper

Lézernyomtatás: A legáltalánosabban használt technika, alkalmas adattáblákhoz, tájékoztató feliratokhoz, gyári jelölésekhez, de leltári számnak, vagy vonalkód/mátrixkód feltüntetéséhez is. Kis szériában is professzionális megjelenést kölcsönöz

The material of the labels

The raw material of the labels is mostly white or silver colored (metallic pigmented) polyester, but paper labels are also available to meet the requirements of a shorter lifespan and lower wear resistance. Polyester labels are dimensionally stable, do not stretch or shrink, and can generally be used between -55 and +155°C. They are resistant to various technological fluids, sunlight and friction. Polyimide labels can withstand high temperatures (up to 300°C).
The printing surface is a laminated layer on the surface of the label material, into which the printing ink diffuses and the inscription remains permanent.

Several types of adhesive material can be chosen for the lower side of the label:
– permanent: for permanent use
– removable: for temporary application, can be removed without residue
– HD (heavy duty): for extra durability requirements, for textured, hard-to-stick surfaces

Blank labels cut to size

Blank labels can be chosen in different sizes, in a package suitable for the printing technology, such as laser labels on A4 size liner, those for thermal printers in rolls, etc. The shape of the labels is square or rectangular with rounded corners. Round ones are also available. The part between the labels is already removed at the factory, which makes it easier to remove the labels after printing.

Labels available from stock: (also per sheet)

CIL label codeSize(mm)Label number  A/4 sheetSheet/package
CIL 9100 white polyester label
CIL 9200 metallic pigmented polyester labels
CIL 9200 metallic pigmented polyester labels

Explanation of designation:
L7 – label size code
9200 – label material code
10 – number of labels in a complete package

Custom labels

We undertake the production of blank or pre-printed labels of any size and shape upon individual order. Preprinted graphics and text with permanent data can also be realized. Variable data content can also be applied to individual labels with the selected printing technology.
The factory preprint can be in several colors. The size (up to the limit of technical possibilities) and shape of custom-ordered labels are also unrestricted. Pre-numbered, bar-coded label series can also be ordered. The labels are made at the company’s central location in England.

Egyedi megrendelésre tetszőleges méretű, alakú üres vagy előnyomtatott címkék készítését vállaljuk. Előnyomtatva grafika és állandó adattartalmú szöveg is elhelyezhető.

Cable markers

Self-laminating cable marking labels can be printed at home in the same way as other labels, but they have a transparent extension that covers the printed part when placed on the cable and provides outstanding durability, while its strong adhesive layer fixes the label in the designated place.


Security Labels

They can be ordered as standard or individual labels for any printing method. It is not possible to remove or use again without a trace. It is suitable for verifying originality, non-dismantling, guarantee protection and other rights related to the product.

Bármely nyomtatási módhoz, standard vagy egyedi címkeként is rendelhetők. Nyom nélküli eltávolításuk, átragasztásuk nem lehetséges. Alkalmas az eredetiség, a megbontás-mentesség igazolására, garanciális és más, a termékhez kapcsolódó jogok védelmére.

Industrial label printing software

The CILS label design and printing software includes all CILS standard label sizes, but any size can be set. It is capable of serial numbering and barcode generation. Its graphic design elements make label design easier. You can connect to any data file. It is available in single and multi-user versions. 

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