The company and product certification service of the IPC 

IPC is known worldwide for its standards and training programs in the electronics industry – now it goes to the next level: it certifies businesses and products. IPC Validation Services offers two new programs: the IPC Qualified Manufacturers List (QML) and the IPC Qualified Products List (QPL). Through these programs, IPC Validation Services extends the quality and risk reduction values already recognized through IPC standards and plant and design certifications.

Az IPC cég- és termékminősítő szolgáltatása

The certification, which ends with the certification issued by the IPC, is carried out by the IPC, with the help of its contracted auditor partners where appropriate. The service was launched a few years ago in the USA, then in Asia, Central and South America, and is now being introduced in Europe. Microsolder Kft. joined this network as the third company in Europe, after a Danish and a Dutch company. 
In Hungarian conditions, it is primarily important to be included in the IPC Qualified Manufacturers List (QML), since we have many contracted electronics manufacturers, while raw material production (as far as product certification is concerned) is hardly found

Benefits of QML certification 

  • If the company receives the IPC Valdation Services certification, it proves its commitment to deliver higher quality products and opens the way to the possibility of new projects
  • Reduces the cost and labor of quality assurance and supplier audits
  • By being added to the public list of IPC qualified manufacturers (IPC Qualified Manufacturers List – QML), the company becomes part of the global network of reliable suppliers
  • It differentiates the company from its competitors and provides a competitive advantage.
  • Reduces customers’ audit costs and risk when choosing a supplier.
  • Increases product reliability in the entire supply chain
  • Provides access to industrial product test reports via the IPC Validation Services Qualified Products List (IPC Qualified Products List – QPL)
A QML tanúsítás előnyei

How does the program work? 

IPC Validation Services representatives perform the certification and qualify the product or processes.

  • IPC Validation Services’ trained staff audits and certifies the contracted electronics manufacturing facility (EMS) and suppliers. The auditors are certified according to IPC standards and have auditing experience.
  • Audits and certifications are based on compliance of products and processes with IPC standards and regulations.
  • IPC Validation Services uses only IPC approved test laboratories.
  • The IPC Validation Services certification is valid for three years.
  • All information obtained is treated confidentially.

More info:

IPC Validation Services képviselői végzik a tanúsítást és minősítik a terméket vagy a folyamatokat.

Analysis of standardization gaps 

It is definitely worth starting the process with IPC Standards Gap Analysis (SGA). This saves us the costs of a failed audit and gives us a clear picture of what we need to focus on improving.

The focus of the program is to reveal the problematic points of the following production processes:

  • surface mount technology (SMT)
  • drilling technology
  • wire and cable installation, testing
  • consumables — solder, flux, solder paste, adhesives, coatings, stencil plates, etc.
  • procurement / audit of suppliers
  • internal fault analysis laboratory
  • electrostatic discharge protection procedures (ESD)
  • handling of products and components, including moisture sensitive (MSD) and assembled units
  • lead-free production
    trainings, professional training and continuing education
  • activities of operators and inspectors from incoming goods to final inspection
  • cleaning and coating
  • rework and repair
  • process management and evaluation

Advantages of SGA:

Conducting SGA as part of IPC Validation Services provides unparalleled insight into the manufacturing process. If knowledge is power, consider SGA as the first step to success.

Short-term benefits:

• Professional investigation of non-conformances, detailed report on the current state of the production process • Identification of problems that deserve immediate attention, which may lead to failures after delivery • Discovered, identified and discussed deficiencies determine the next steps. • Evaluates the personal knowledge of the production employees in terms of the task to be performed.

Long-term benefits:

• Prepares the production facility for the QML audit and certification of IPC Validation Services • Conformity to IPC standards provides market advantages • Possibilities for improving processes • More thorough understanding and application of the requirements of IPC standards in a production environment • The possibility of improving cost efficiency based on the discovery of deficiencies • Makes it presentable to customers towards the up-to-date training of employees according to IPC standards

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