Part preparation machines

It is possible to shape the terminals of drilled axial or radial components to the shape and size prescribed in the production documentation with a suitable bending-cutting machine before manual insertion. To choose between a large number of machines with different systems, ask for the help of our specialists. In order to make a choice, we need to know the initial shape and dimensions of the part, as well as whether it comes in strapped, bulk or tubular packaging, as well as what shape and size it needs to be bent and cut, and it is also important in what quantity. 
The machines include manual and motorized ones, some of them are pneumatically operated. Certain sizes and shapes can be created with standard machines, others require unique forming tools. The manufacturer, the Italian company OLAMEF, makes suitable molding equipment for every physically feasible shape.

Furatszerelt axiális vagy radiális alkatrészek kivezetéseinek a gyártási dokumentációban előírt alakra és méretre formázása megfelelő hajlító-vágó géppel lehetséges kézi beültetés előtt.

Part counters 

Devices suitable for counting drilled and surface-mounted parts, adjustable to the half data with various accessories.

Panel shredders

Table-top equipment suitable for cutting and splitting panels.

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