Manual stencil printers

TWS Automation’s SR2000 manual stencil printer is an affordable entry-level model for small series production processes. A device with a simple structure, where the squeegee must be moved by hand. Aligning the stencil and panel terminals is done with manual knobs. After printing, the PCB can be removed by lifting up the stencil frame. Magnetic support is available as an option. The maximum printing area is 500 x 400mm (when using a forex table). 

Kézi stencilnyomtatók

Semi-automatic stencil printers

TWS SR2600 
Easy-to-use printer where every movement is supported by compressed air. The squeegee pressure and stencil separation can also be controlled. Separation takes place vertically downwards, so fine pitch prints cannot be smeared. The magnetic support is a standard accessory, but a vacuum grip can be installed as an option. It has 2 squeegees, where the angle of the squeegees can be adjusted independently. It is also suitable for handling double-sided panels. The maximum printing area is 422 x 422mm.

Félautomata stencilnyomtatók

TWS SR2700 
A new generation semi-automatic printer, where the squeegees and the PCB table are moved by electric motors. Of course, all parameters can be set in a controlled manner. Positioning of the stencil is supported by two cameras looking from above. The magnetic support is also a standard accessory here, but it can also be ordered with a vacuum table. The maximum printing area is 480 x 420mm. The two squeegees enable bi-directional printing. The user interface has a sophisticated, touch-screen display, which graphically helps to set-up the parameters.

TWS SR2700 Új generációs félautomata nyomtató, ahol a lehúzókések és a tárgyasztal mozgatása elektromos motorokkal történik.

TWS SR2720 
A printer with the same functions as the SR2700, but specially developed for the production of large panels and LED applications. The maximum printing area is 850 x 420mm!

TWS SR2720 Az SR2700-al megegyező funkciókkal bíró, de speciálisan a nagy panelek és LED alkalmazások gyártásához kifejlesztett nyomtató

Automatic stencil printers 

Customers can find the most suitable solution for every demand in the wide variety of stencil printers offered by our company.

For small companies

TWS Automation offers two types of fully automatic stencil printers. Both machines operate off-line. The SR3050 type has a maximum printing area of 440x440mm and all printing parameters can be easily controlled using the Linux-based control software.

A cégünk által kínált stencilnyomtatók változatos palettáján minden termelési feladathoz megtalálhatjuk a legmegfelelőbb megoldást.

The squeegees can be ordered in different lengths fitting to the printing area. The infeed is on the left side of the equipment and the printed PCB returns to the same place after the process. Both traditional pins or vacuum table can be used for PCB support. The maximum PCB thickness is 6 mm. The machine is primarily aimed at small-scale production, offering a very favorable price-value ratio. 

The second type is the SR3100, which only differs from the previous version in one essential feature, namely that it has two-sided infeed. As a result, its productivity is higher, because while the current PCB is being printed, the next one can already be placed on the opposite side feeding belt.

For medium and large companies

On the other hand, the stencil printers of the well known ERSA GmbH. aim to satisfy medium- or high-volume production needs with the highest requirements. Accordingly, all of them operate in-line and the top models contain several unique solutions. The Versaprint 2 series is the second generation of stencil printers, produced in three versions.

The Versaprint 2 ELITE basic version is also a well-built machine. A camera is used to align the stencil to the circuit board, and the same can optionally be used for inspection tasks. The stencil frame holder can be adjusted without tools from 450 mm to 740 mm frame size. The ELITE plus version can be retrofitted with all the options available for the Versaprint 2 series, including 2D and 3D inspection cameras.
The Versaprint 2 PRO2 version is equipped with a 2D-LIST (LIST = Line Scan Technology) camera and has solder paste inspection (SPI). The PRO2 can also be retrofitted with all the options available for the Versaprint 2 series.

A nagy múltú ERSA GmbH. automata stencilnyomtató családja viszont a legmagasabb követelményeket támasztó, közepes- és nagy volumenű termelési igények kielégítését tűzte ki célul.

The Versaprint 2 ULTRA3 top model is made for users who are particularly sensitive to the print quality of solder paste. The equipment uses the latest measurement technology with its 3D-LIST camera. Stencil printer and 3D paste inspection (SPI) in one, on the floor space of one machine. The print shape and volume  can be continuously monitored, which has the utmost importance to make reliable solder joints. The ULTRA3 can be retrofitted with all the options available for the Versaprint 2 series.  

Stencil cleaning equipment 

The GENSONIC ultrasonic stencil cleaning equipment can be used even without removing the stencil, during a few minutes of printer downtime. The 40 kHz ultrasonic contact cleaning head, specially designed for this purpose, removes the dried paste residues stuck in the corners of the stencil openings (apertures) or blocking the entire opening, so that the print quality will be excellent again. There is no slimper, faster solution. 
The efficiency of the cleaning head makes the equipment suitable for more difficult tasks, e.g. it can clean stencils after adhesive application.

A GENSONIC ultrahangos stenciltisztító berendezést használhatjuk akár s stencil kivétele nélkül is, a nyomtató néhány perces leállása alatt. A kifejezetten erre a célra tervezett,

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