The reliability of visual inspection is of utmost importance in today’s large-scale and increasingly high-quality electronics production. More and more production lines are equipped with automatic optical inspection equipment (AOI – Automatic Optical Inspection). 
Control equipment can be placed at several points in the production line:

  • after solder paste printing (SPI – Solder Paste Inspection)
  • after implantation
  • after reflow soldering

It is not absolutely necessary to have 3 AOI devices in each row – this is a matter of consideration. If 2 AOI devices are intended for the row, then they are placed after paste printing and reflow, if only one, then it is placed after reflow.
AOI equipment is more common in SMT production, but it can also be used after wave or selective soldering.
We can use AOI equipment not only for the assembly of circuit boards, but also for the results of other assembly works, e.g. also for checking the wiring (bonding) of semiconductor wafers.
The most important characteristics of AOI equipment from a technological and production point of view:

  • resolution
  • types of differences that can be revealed
  • cycle time
  • safety of error detection (rate of false error signals)

The Viscom AOI equipment we sell are among the world’s leading. They were developed primarily according to the – very high – demands of the automotive industry.

Some typical machine types:

Check solder paste impression

SP3088 SPI – 3D paste control

The S3088 SPI automatic optical inspection equipment enables very fast and accurate 3D paste impression inspection. Thanks to the 3D technology without moving parts (fringe projection), there is no need for calibration. The test is reliable even for small components such as CSP, microBGA, 01005. In addition to the well-known 2D tests (half-print, coverage, smearing, etc.), thanks to 3D technology, we also get accurate information about the volume and quantity of the print, which the “uplink” function enables close cooperation between other Viscom equipment integrated in the series, the printer and the 3D paste tester. The result of the paste test can be used as a factor influencing the parameters of the post-reflow (after soldering) AOI.
A developed collaboration interface is already available with the printers of several well-known manufacturers. Thanks to the uplink function, the images taken from the printout can also be used in the classification of errors, thereby facilitating the work of the evaluator or unwanted printing parameter changes are also noticeable in time. Two speeds: up to 50 cm2/s – high resolution mode up to 80 cm2/s – high speed mode Main features:

  • very fast and accurate examination
  • high repeatability
  • reliable results even for the smallest components (CSP, microBGA, 01005)
  • very easy to learn programming, easy to use
  • full compatibility with other Viscom AOI, AXI equipment
  • ability to cooperate with the equipment of the most famous printer manufacturers
  • Viscom Quality Uplink Compatibility

Checking the installation of circuit boards

S2088-II – desktop machine 

Today, AOI is not only the privilege of large plants. The S2088 type off-line, desktop (Desk Top) machine is mainly made for smaller ones, but its accuracy makes it suitable for cpk testing of implanters of large plants as well. The newly developed S20088-II can be equipped with a camera below the angle, and is capable of the same inspection as in-line machines. The S3088 is an in-line machine type that is suitable for small, medium and large series production plants and can be tailored to the needs with numerous options. The most modern III version is also available.

Ma már az AOI nem csak a nagyüzemek kiváltsága. A S2088 típusú off-line, asztali (Desk Top) gép elsősorban a kisebbeknek készül, de pontossága akár nagyüzemek beültetőgépeinek cpk vizsgálatára is alkalmassá teszi.

S3088 flex – versatile AOI equipment 

Flexible, universal in-line AOI equipment. Suitable for post-implanter, post-solder SMT inspection, through-hole (THT) panel inspection after wave or selective soldering.
Outstanding features:

  • Extremely high throughput thanks to the FastFlow Handling system
  • Very simple AOI management with vVision interfaces
  • Adjustable camera technology, switchable resolution (OnDemandHR)
  • Maximum error detection with 3D component mapping
  • Under-angle cameras with excellent resolution
  • Reliable 01005 and fine-pitch component control
  • Measure component height
  • Read data matrix code from bottom to top
  • 20-40 cm2/s speed
Felxibilisen alaklmazható, univerzális in-line AOI berendezés. Alkalmas beültetőgép utáni, forrasztás utáni SMT ellenőrzésre, furatszerelt (THT) panelek ellenőrzésére hullám- vagy szelektív forrasztás után.

S3088 ultra – maximum performance, minimum footprint 

AOI equipment developed for very fast soldering inspection. It can also be used for paste testing and post-implantation control. It combines the already excellent features of the S3088 machine family with the color, full 3D inspection, high-resolution, super-fast XM camera module. Image data processing can reach a speed of 1.8 gigapixels/second. The 3D measurement technology produces a completely shadow-free color image with special lighting and up to 8 camera techniques. Perpendicular viewing cameras work together with sub-angled cameras to provide razor-sharp imaging across the ladder, which is essential for fault detection in modern components such as QFP, QFN or DFN. The optical resolution can be switched between 8-16 microns/pixel during operation for safe fault detection of the smallest components. Outstanding features:

  • The most in-depth inspection, reliable testing even on the smallest soldering points
  • Maximum fault detection with 3D component mapping, XM camera module
  • Measure component height
  • Extremely high throughput thanks to the FastFlow Handling system
  • Very simple AOI management with vVision interfaces
  • Fast program generation with vVison/EasyPro system
  • Read data matrix code from bottom to top
  • 30-50 cm2/s speed
Nagyon gyors forrasztásellenőrzésre kifejlesztett AOI berendezés. Alkalmazható pasztavizsgálatra és beültetés utáni ellenőrzésre is. Egyesíti az S3088 gépcsalád egyébként is kiváló tulajdonságait a színes, teljes 3D ellenőrzést végző, nagy felbontóképességű

S3088 DT 

The S3088 DT is a 3D AOI device with a dual track conveyor system for the highest productivity requirements. It is also capable of reliable inspection of the smallest 03015 size parts. The equipment features the most modern technology, including Industry 4.0 interfaces.

In addition to 3D AOI, the two-track automatic optical inspection equipment is also available in 3D SPI (paste printing inspection), CCI (conform-following coating inspection) and Underfill (underfill inspection).
To reduce space requirements, the monitor fits into the surface of the housing, and the keyboard has a push-in design.

Az S3088 DT egy 3D AOI berendezés két pályás (dual track) konveyorrendszerrel a legnagyobb termelékenységi igényekhez.

S6056 – high-end AOI equipment 

A large-scale AOI equipment that combines the previously outlined technique with higher speed, up to two conveyor tracks, is suitable for large-sized circuit boards, is capable of the greatest depth of inspection, and features the most modern technique and technology in all respects.
Some highlights:

  • Smallest controllable part: 03015
  • Largest panel size: 457×356 mm
  • Inspection speed: 40-60 cm2/s

Viscom Quality Uplink

Viscom Quality Uplink is the evaluation and automatic feedback of the data obtained from the automatic optical (AOI) and X-ray (AXI) equipment operating on the production line and from the off-line X-ray equipment (MXI) connected to the production line to modify the control parameters and some settings of the paste printers and embedding machines as much as possible. in order to achieve the best quality.

Viscom Quality Uplink

Conformance Coating Check 

S3088 CCI – special AOI equipment

It is increasingly required to protect the circuit boards with a conformal coating. The S3088 CCI (Conformal Coating Inspection) is an AOI device specially developed for this inspection. Most form-following coatings can be inspected under UV light, which can damage the eyes. The CCI equipment is not only more accurate and tireless, but also eliminates health damage.
It quickly and precisely discovers defects in shape-following coatings. It can be easily adapted to different coating materials. The structure and software of the machine are similar to other machines of the S3088 family, so commissioning and maintenance are not a problem.

Mind gyakrabban követelmény az áramköri lapok védelme allakkövető bevonattal. Az S3088 CCI (Conformal Coating Inspection) speciálisan ennek ellenőrzésére kifejlesztett

Checking wire connections (bonding)


Desktop AOI for checking wire connections


In-line AOI for checking wire connections

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