Conductive inks

Henkel Acheson inks can be used to create circuit substrates on polyester foil using polymer thick film technology. In addition to long-established materials, the portfolio also includes materials with a lower silver content, as well as conductive but transparent materials based on silver nanowires. If we want to install high-performance devices, the right solution is a varnish that hardens at a higher temperature, with the conductive particles sintered during curing, thus ensuring outstanding thermal and electrical conductivity. If the substrate is exposed to bending, even after curing, Henkel’s flexible inks provide a suitable solution.

Insulating inks

When manufacturing circuits, two wires may cross. In such cases, Henkel’s UV light-curing dielectric coatings are the solution. Curing with UV light is beneficial, as repeated heat treatment does not harm the foil, which in a given case could cause its deformation.

Resistive inks

Henkel’s resistance inks can be assembled from several mixable parts, giving you the opportunity to set the appropriate square resistance. It is suitable for the production of potentiometers and the creation of embedded resistors in the production of printed circuit boards.

A Henkel ellenállás tintáit többféle, keverhető részből állíthatjuk össze, lehetőséget adva a megfelelő négyzetes ellenállás beállítására. Potenciométer gyártáshoz, nyomtatott huzalozású lemez gyártásnál beágyazott ellenállások létrehozására alkalmas.

Luminous inks

With Henkel’s innovative Lumidag inks, it is possible to create light-emitting layers on polymer foil. It can be an ideal solution for making illuminated advertisements.

PTC inks

The square resistance of PTC inks depends on the temperature. Above about 50°C, the resistance of the material increases significantly. A heating element made with such material regulates itself, so e.g. it can be an ideal solution for defogging exterior rear-view mirrors of vehicles.

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