S7056RS – two machines in one floor area 

This high-performance examination system, in a unique way in the world, is capable of simultaneous automatic optical and X-ray examination (AOI and AXI). As a result, even defects in hidden solder joints (e.g. BGA) can be reliably detected – with great inspection depth and maximum throughput. Viscom’s X7056 system combines high-performance automatic optical inspection (AOI) with parallel x-ray inspection (AXI). This solution provides reliable and fast in-line inspection to detect visible and hidden defects as well.
A very important advantage of the equipment is the small space requirement. With a length of only 1.74 meters, it does not take up too much valuable production space.
The S7056RL version is also suitable for testing larger circuit boards, up to a maximum size of 610 x 508 mm (24″ x 20″). The inspection system is equipped with a high-performance micro-focus X-ray tube manufactured by Viscom, which has a max. It provides a resolution of 8 μm/pixel. Its radiation accuracy is very high, so it enables high-precision 3D X-ray image evaluation.

Ez a nagy teljesítményű vizsgáló rendszer, a világon egyedülálló módon, egyszerre képes automatikus optikai és röntgen vizsgálatra (AOI és AXI).

Thanks to the integrated optical 8M camera technology, the system offers the usual high inspection depth of Viscom AOIs with similar throughput performance. With the help of the flexible “OnDemandHR” function, the resolution of the AOI can be switched between 23.4 and 11.7 μm/pixel for the entire image field, according to the needs of the analysis to be performed. In addition, the optical system is also capable of evaluating color information. 
This combined inspection and fast axis system results in extremely short test and circuit board handling times. The X7056 system is fully modular and can be used as a combined system or as an X-ray Inspection Equipment (AXI) only. The optical and X-ray inspection takes place simultaneously, the AOI unit works in front of one panel, and the AXI unit works behind it on the other. The panels are changed by a conveyor section moving back and forth.

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