Industrial flashlight magnifiers 

Large, top-quality, distortion-free glass with LED lighting, magnifying lights enable long-lasting work without eye strain and headaches. A 3 or 4 or 5 dioptre, up to 300 cm2, anti-reflective lens with a clear image facilitates the visual inspection of electronic assemblies. The correct setting is supported by a robust, easy-to-use metal stand. Available in several types and colors.

Ipari lámpás nagyítók

Selection of microscopes 

Eschenbach stereo microscopes

Simple, affordable, German-made microscopes are excellent tools for small and medium-sized electronic and fine mechanical plants. In the basic version, it is delivered with 10x magnification eyepieces, with which a final magnification of 10x or 20x can be achieved by turning the case of the objective lens. Other zoomable designs are also available if required.

They are equally suitable for visual inspection, or even for soldering or delicate assembly underneath.
It is available in tabletop, tripod (model 33213) and longer-extending, adjustable arm (model 33263) versions.
Both have an adjustable, LED, upper lighting ring.

Eschenbach sztereó mikroszkópok

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