It is used to measure, quantify and document the solderability of the surfaces to be soldered (surface and hole-mounted component leads, circuit board soldering surfaces, etc.), the MUST System 3 solderability based on the measurement of the wetting force (in the English literature: wetting blank test) testing equipment.
The equipment is capable of measuring a force of up to 0.001 mN. This makes it the most accurate device of its kind in the world. Its measurement method complies with all relevant international standards.
The equipment is suitable for testing incoming components and circuit boards, analyzing the causes of soldering errors, and comparing different fluxes, surface finishes, components from different sources and printed wiring circuit boards in terms of solderability.
The equipment is also serviced and periodically calibrated by Microsolder Kft. 

A forrasztandó felületek (felület- és furatszerelt alkatrészkivezetések, áramköri lapok forrasztási felületei, stb.) forraszthatóságának - a megömlött forrasszal való nedvesíthetőségének - mérésére

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