Video trainings 

The IPC provides multi-faceted support for electronics companies’ own educational activities and the expansion of employees’ knowledge. The video trainings deal with the questions of one sub-area, such as ESD protection, component marking, lead-free soldering. Some soldering technologies are also processed. These multimedia training materials contain everything necessary for the professional training of operators: training material, test questions, certifications. The programs are available on DVD for group training and online (OVT) for individual learning. The materials are in English.

Summary publications

The booklets marked with the DRM code briefly summarize the most important, basic requirements and acceptance criteria of each field (drilling, surface mounting, cable production) in a small, colorful, illustrated form. Can be used for trainings, suitable for workplace and industrial use.

Wall pictures

Educational wall pictures show the most important acceptance rules. Posted on the walls of training rooms, plant halls, and public spaces, they inform and remind you of basic information.

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